Friday, June 3, 2011

GB Combined Camp 2011

Check it out ! I am almost done !

Jamie with a nice green balloon !

Doing all that I can to get my balloon right !

Hi all ! This is my blue balloon !

GB Combined Camp 2011

GB Combined Camp 2011

We need help with our balloons!

Okay Okay, here we go ! Let's twist the balloons together ! now what should I do ?

GB Combined Camp 2011

Busy with twisting and scrunching up balloons!

Little Grace with lots of colourful balloons ! Very nice ~

Ah! Taking a break from pumping air into the balloons.

Listening attentively to Aunty Anne explaining how balloons can be twisted into all kinds of animals.

Ok Ok ! Let's get started with the balloon game !

GB Combined Camp 2011

Just the three of us....with a nice mural behind us. Our senior girl..Jamie ...=)

Its always nice to have a photo taken with friends...Immanuel and Debbie !

Jamie taking a photo of me taking a photo of her. =)

GB Combined Camp 2011

Keep the balloon steady! Be careful ! Be careful !

We can do it !

Okay ! Okay ...We are almost done !

Check out our tents ! This is what we call a " Pop- up " tent . Nice?

Monday, May 30, 2011

GB Combined Camp 2011

Ah...Lunch ! A packet of rice with eggs, chicken and broccoli....Let's dig in !

A straw sculpture ........

Reflecting on the LGT Challenge ....What could we have done better?